Moving Out Cleaning FAQ’s

Q: How much do you charge?
A: We know that it’s about the money. We don’t offer the lowest end of tenancy cleaning prices in London, but they’re some of the best when it comes to quality results. We offer guaranteed moving out cleaning services on affordable prices and you can rely on our expert teams, which will provide you professional results with courtesy. Our services’ charges come with the added security of comprehensive insurance, so you won’t be left in the lurch when the cleaning is done. Check out our prices page or call 020 3404 5466 and one of our operators will answer all your question about the prices of the services we offer.

Q: What do you do, exactly?
A: The end of tenancy cleaning is a bit of a catch-all term these days and we know that. That’s why, take a look at our cleaning checklist to see what our expert tenancy cleaners do and what our end of tenancy cleaning services entail. If you have any questions, don’t hesitate to contact us no matter what the time is.

Q: Why all the promises?
A: There are too many customers that have contacted us after hiring an end of tenancy cleaning company which has simply taken their money providing no reliable results at all. We think that disheartened and financially taken advantage of tenants should never be a problem in the cleaning business. That’s why customer satisfaction and personal recommendations are very important to us. We guarantee every customer’s satisfaction by providing reliable moving out cleaning services with proper results that will please the customer, the landlord and the property managing agent. We can say this with our hands on our hearts because we know it is the right thing to do.

Q: What about all the chemicals?
A: Cleaning chemicals exist for a reason and when used appropriately they do miracles. Appropriate use of cleaning chemicals means that our expert tenancy cleaners use natural and environment friendly cleaning solutions, such as baking soda, lemon juice and pine extracts whenever and wherever possible. Of course, we can’t claim that we have zero impact on the environment, but we do everything to make it as positive as we can.

Q: What should I do before the end of tenancy cleaners come?
A: You don't have to do any special preparations of the property. Take away all of your belongings and turn off all the appliances. Keep in mind that freezers, fridges and ovens should be switched off the day before our cleaners' arrival. Be sure to provide running water and electricity and let professionals do the rest.

Q: What if I have more questions?
A: Just call us on 020 3404 5466. Our support staff is like a cleaning version of Wikipedia: they have more end of tenancy cleaning information and answers to your questions in their heads than would be reasonable to list on this page.

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“I can’t say enough good things about my experience with Fantastic Tenancy Cleaners. We have used them before and when we found ourselves in a bind we knew who we could rely on. We always recommend them to any of our friends who are moving.”
Tara D.

“I usually do my cleaning myself, but due to complications during my move,I couldn't really budget my time to give the apartment the cleaning it needed. I hired Fantastic Tenancy Cleaning and I have to say that I was very pleased with the results.”
Thomas V.

"An amazing company to have on your speed dial for after parties. We call Fantastic Tenancy Cleaning whenever we’ve had an affair at our home. They really are the best at tackling the carpet stains from the foot traffic"

“I don’t know what I’d do without the Fantastic Tenancy Cleaning Service. Right as I finished packing for my move to my new home, I fell I’ll and wasn’t able to clean my old flat. My friend gave me their number and they were able to sort it out with me in the hospital.”
Michael – Camden

“Two very hard working and pleasant cleaners did an excellent job on cleaning my step-father's house prior to his release from hospital. The house had been very neglected due to his poor health, but now looks brand new. Thank you!”
Sheila - Rainham.

“Was so impressed. Vidas was the nicest guy. He was quick, neat and economical and did an amazing job on the carpets, even managing to remove a huge stain left by our former tenants. Am so glad I found you and will not hesitate to use you next time and am recommending you to our agents, Antony Roberts of Kew, TW9. Thanks again”
Karon - Richmond

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